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Hailing out of The Studio Center Scottsdale, The InstaBooty, is one of the premier women's bootcamps in Scottsdale, Arizona. The program is owned and created by Ian Michael Simon, a personal trainer and former pro athlete who has 10 years experience training NFL, NBA, MLB athletes, along with physique and body building competitors.

The Studio Center Scottsdale is home to some of the best equipment, technology and science based training. The InstaBooty doesn't guess how to grow your glutes and lean out your body, we use every piece of equipment, measurement tool, nutritional coaching, rehab and prevention services to keep you healthy, progressing and becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Whether your goal is to build an insta-worthy booty, increase your overall body strength and physique, or simply become apart of a fitness community to help motivate and inspire you, we'll help you achieve those goals! Build it. Sculpt it. Own it!

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