Custom Carb Timing and Macro Plan

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Carbs do not make you fat! Eating too many calories does! Carbs are essential for preserving and building muscle. But how?

Carbs are important for muscle building because they're protein sparing, which means the body looks to glycogen for energy instead of breaking down muscle tissue for energy. Consuming carbs post-workout can prevent muscle loss and help repair muscles.

This customized plan is made for YOU. This isn't cookie cutter. Know exactly how many carbs, fats and proteins you need to reach your goals. Doesn't matter if you're trying to gain muscle or lose body fat, we can help you!

What we'll need from you:

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Your sex, age, height, weight, body fat %, how many days a week that you strength train.

This is a one time purchase and service! NO REFUNDS. 

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